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INR 30000

5 Days Residential Program for Heart & Diabetics Patients.

INR 30000

GOOD BYE DIABETICS ..!!Our Diabetes Rehabilitation Program is based on worlds most comprehensive research on Nutritional Study. It is the proper combination ECP along with the significant life style changes. In Cardia Health Care we have an expert team of Internationally renowned diabetics educator and Doctors to observe and guide to reverse the diabetics on day to day basis. We belief the fact that “Food should be our medicine and medicine should be our food”. Our body is not designed for medicines and we strongly belief that healthy life should be medicines free. We are living with so many myths about diabetics and so many doctors who are treating diabetics are already taking diabetics pills. By keeping in mind our program is beautifully designed in such a simple language to the patients so that not only he can cure himself but he can play the role of a responsible citizen to help others in curing their diabetics.You can not cure the diabetics by medication but you can only cure it by RIGHT EDUCATION.

INR 30000

The reversal of blockage from coronary arteries occurs because of reverse osmosis mechanism. When the bio-chemicals are passed through the interventions system the blockage becomes soft and rate of reverse osmosis increases. When BCA is given along with EECP both the treatments (EECP & BCA) are complementary benefits to each other.Chelation therapy with the synthetic amino acid EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid) is a proven method to remove toxic heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium from the body. When a series of infusions is passed through the veins the toxins within the body is removed due to heavy metals, large number of toxins and pathogens resulting the internal environment of the blood vassals(Vein & Arteries) is improved and overall endothelium function is improved.A course of treatment may require 20-30 infusions of 2 - 3 hours each session. The treatment is usually given twice or thrice in a week. In Studies conducted in U.S. it has been found that chelation plus high-dose vitamins and minerals produced the greatest reduction in risk of cardiovascular events.

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Non - Invasive Cardiology


Dr. SUBHASH CHANRDA is the very Sr. Cardiologist expertise in Non - Invasive Cardiology, Clinical Research, Diabetics & General Medicine. He served for almost 4 decades in various few best hospitals in INDIA & Abroad as well. He served as a Department head of Cardiology RML Hospital New Delhi & Sr. Consultant Cardiologist in Lady Hardin Medical College. He contributed as a Chairman Association of Physicians in Delhi state chapter & Head of Physicians to guide and consult for the Clinical Researches held in INDIA.

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